Ultrasonic Contact Probes

Straight Beam Transducers - Single Element

Typically used for manual inspections, straight beam single element probes are ideal for scanning parts with regular geometry and relatively smooth contact surfaces. This includes flat or curved surfaces where you need to identify flaws or a backwall parallel to the surface or detect with a beam normal to the surface. With improved near surface resolution, you can use these probes along with a couplant layer (typically gel, oil, or paste) when you need to penetrate a thick section of material. Models include delay line, wear resistant and protective face.


Our straight beam transducers are perfect for manual inspection and flaw detection.

Applications include:

  • Near surface flaw detection
  • Inspection of thin sections
  • Inspection of thick sections or difficult to penetrate materials
  • Composites and plastics
  • Turbine blades
  • General purpose, metal parts with simple geometry
  • Manual inspection of plate, forging, bar, billets and castings 
  • Inpsection of tubing, piping, and tanks
  • Lamination and delamination
  • Bond testing
  • Machine Components
  • Shells

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