Success Story

Digital Transformation of 52 year-old gas turbines

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gas turbine digital transformation

The Deal

Nexus Oncore Control Panel

Nexus Controls recently installed the Nexus OnCore Control System on two 52 years-old Fiat gas turbines and Nuovo Pignone gas compressors at Transportadora de Gas del Sur (TGS) in Argentina.

The turn-key project allowed the customer to modernize its mechanical, pneumatic and relay logic gas turbine control to a leaner and more reliable digital control. Nexus Controls was able to replicate in a digital control algorithm the functionality performed by the old mechanical system.

The project scope includes a main automation contract (MAC) that covers an integrated design for the Nexus OnCore Digital platform, instrumentation, mechanical adapters, Bently Nevada Vibration Monitoring & Protection, Overspeed Protection, Starter Gas Expander Control, Gas Fuel Control Valves, Cybersecurity Server, and all required interface connection for the new modern system optimal performance.

The Challenges

TGS digital transformation

The main issues with the aged mechanical turbine control are wear and calibration loss, lack of spare parts, difficult diagnostic and failure root causes analysis, which can lead to longer and unplanned outages.

The ability to assertively identify and correct any failures combined with the reliable operation are some of the benefits of Nexus OnCore technology.

It is extremely important for this critical equipment to operate in an efficient and controlled manner as they have a high load factor and serve essential transportation services. In addition, they have tight working deadlines to meet the contractual commitments for the generation of electricity at the Ecoenergía plant.

Lean planning and execution were critical points of this project.

The Solution

Nexus Oncore turbine screens

Nexus OnCore™ offers a complete machine control focused on several critical parameters, such as speed, temperature, vibration, pressure, flow etc. The control system allows a reliable, repeatable and safe start & stop sequence process since each step is controlled and monitored in an independent manner. The new algorithms replicate the old systems functions, incorporating modern state of the art core logic for control and protection with a much higher availability and faster operations.

Once the gas turbines are running, Nexus OnCore ensures accurate protection and monitoring that avoid catastrophic failures and unexpected outages. Optimum C integrated software provides an intuitive, simple and easy visibility of critical assets in a centralized operator station powered with safety alarms.

The Customer

TGS logo

TGS (Transportadora de Gas del Sur) is largest gas transportation company in Latin America and operates efficiently and safely more than 9,200 km of its own gas pipelines in Argentina.

TGS is one of the main liquid suppliers from natural gas and the first Midstreamer in Vaca Muerta, offering innovative services for the industry. Through their company TELCOSUR, they provide telecommunications services to the south and west of Argentina.


The modernization of gas turbines’ control system allows for quality, stability and optimization improvements for every process of the operations, providing a reliable diagnostic tool for a centralized and safe control.

This deal reinforces the Nexus Controls reputation as a trusted integrator with many years of expertise in turbomachinery controls.  Being able to perform turbomachinery control upgrades showcases our capability as an agnostic control business, presenting Nexus OnCore as strong control platform for different markets.