Success Stories

Bently Nevada is passionate about their partnership with their loyal customers and we understand the significant role our products play in our customers performance. With a long history of working together across many industries, we know what matters when it comes to their plant wide solutions. A partnership with Bently Nevada is more than just a customize product. We provide a dedicated team across the globe, with sophisticated well versed employees in engineering to supply chain to product knowledge, ensuring we meet our customers needs and demands. Our long term partnerships over 60 years has proven our products work for our customers.

Bently Nevada Remote Services saves ~600 Tons NGL production
Bently Nevada supported a case of critically high vibration on a LP Gas Compressor unit, which increases the sour pressure gas from 0.5 bar to 15 bar.
Bently Nevada advances its presence on Pulp & Paper industry in Latin America
Bently Nevada closed a brownfield contract with Arauco to monitor and protect three Pulp & Paper plants located in Chile.
Decision Support InsightPaks™ Achieve Value Realization on Day 1
A major natural gas processing and distribution company based in New Delhi, India, leverages System 1 as the primary condition-monitoring platform for its Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and C2C3 recovery plants
Remote Factory Test
Major Pulp & Paper customer Arauco leverages remote FAT with Bently Nevada during COVID-19
First ever Remote monitoring and diagnostic Balancing of Feed water pump at nuclear reactor during COVID-19
A few weeks before the regularly scheduled service, the team could not mobilize due to the risk of COVID-19, and the travel restrictions existing in Spain at the time.
Off Shore NGL Pump - Detection and Validation of Rolling Element Bearing Fault
Increasing vibration was noticed after triggered software alarms on a motor running an NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) pump on an offshore processing platform.
Vibration Signatures Roller Element Bearings: Before & After an Overhaul
One of our customers was made aware of the elevated acceleration levels on the Motor in January 2019. Spectral content showed...
Bearing Wear Due To Improper Installation
The client noticed elevated overall acceleration levels on the pump side bearings in July 2019. During following vibration surveys in...
Thrust Position Trend Increase on LP Compressor resolved with the Help of System 1
Over the course of two years, the customer noticed that the Compressor Thrust Position in one of the Low-Pressure Centrifugal Compressors was moving towards an alarm position. However, there was...
Machinery Diagnostics Engineer support as part of Supporting Service Agreements
Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC) is a key Baker Hughes customer leveraging a Supporting Services Agreement (SSA), with the benefits of regular and proactive Bently Nevada machinery diagnostic services, now an integral part of QAFAC’s condition...
Process Compressor DE bearing damage
Baker Hughes Bently Nevada has an active Support Service Agreement (SSA) with a Gas Processing Unit in MENAT region providing regular proactive...
Astonishingly fast MDS remote response using System 1 20.1 in Argentina
The Latin America MDS team was contacted on a Friday night, seeking for immediate support in getting the main steam turbine generator TG2 back online. After a non-vibration-related trip...
“New Ways of Working”
Petronas recognizes Bently Nevada for Remote training with “New Ways of Working” award
Loose Part on Motor Cooling Fan
On an offshore processing platform, machines of moderate criticality are monitored by periodic offline measurements using Scout 220
NATREF’ Reliability and Maintenance teams collaborate together to increase reliability of their reciprocating compressors through use of Bently Nevada’s condition monitoring platform
In an attempt to increase reliability and availability of their fleet of reciprocating compressors, NATREF’s Reliability team decided to equip their assets initially with...
Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Service team’s quick response saves Wind farm from severe losses
Alert engineers identified a potentially serious problem with the gearbox of a customer’s wind turbine, advising the customer to inspect the gears without delay.