Are better scintillation materials needed to solve today’s directional drilling challenges? 

As the industry tackles more challenging drilling applications, is this the time that new scintillation materials and their performance advantages break through and challenge Sodium Iodide’s (NaI) market dominance? 

The gamma detection market has evolved considerably over the last decade with the introduction of several new scintillation materials that offer significant performance advantages for end users. However, NaI crystals continue to dominate the directional drilling space. 

Join Product Line Leader Eric Rothe and Lead Scientist Kevin McKinny as they discuss new scintillation materials being developed at Reuter-Stokes and the benefits of these materials for directional drilling applications.      

How Reuter-Stokes’ engineers work to solve the industry’s challenges of:

  • Light loss at elevated temperature
  • Mediocre spectral resolution
  • Response time too slow for pulsed neutron gamma activation techniques


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Eric Rothe
Global Product Line Leader
Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business

Eric Rothe is the Global Product Line Leader at Reuter-Stokes for the downhole market. He is responsible for managing the complete product life cycle for the product line, including developing a global business strategy to expand our penetration in the upstream oil & gas market. Eric also helps to provide technical and commercial support to customers, channel partners and the Baker Hughes commercial organization.

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Kevin McKinny
Principal Scientist and Technical Lead
Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business

Kevin McKinny is a Principal Scientist and Technical Lead for new product and new technology development at Reuter-Stokes. He holds a Ph.D. in High Energy Particle Physics from The University of Alabama and is a nuclear physics expert with 15 years of industry experience in radiation detection product development for applications including homeland security, international nuclear safeguards, scientific research, and oil and gas exploration.