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Reuter-Stokes KnowledgeZone

Welcome to the Reuter-Stokes KnowledgeZone, your source of information to expand your knowledge of mission-critical harsh environment measuring for precise radiation measurement, pressurized and boiling water reactor monitoring, UV flame detection, and downhole sensing for directional drilling.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Learn how Reuter-Stokes partners with customers to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations.

Power Generation Doesn’t Break for a Pandemic
New Sensor Design is Tailored to Frame 5 DLN1 Turbines
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Read and share our whitepapers for more insights on how our products and services help address real-world issues and how they can help meet your turnkey needs.

Flame sensors without water cooling offer significant benefits for gas turbines
Identifying and Measuring Discharge Events in High-Voltage Ceramic Feedthroughs
4 Things to Know about Advanced Scintillation Gamma-Ray Detectors

Webinars on Demand

Our webinars are available for download to watch on your schedule. If you ever need additional technical information, please use the contact form so your request can be directed to the right member of our team.

Advanced Scintillators Product Introduction
Gas Turbine Operators: Is Your Flame On
Dry Flame Sensor Solutions
RSDetection: Monitoring Your Environment to Keep You Safe

Reuter-Stokes Blog

Information from our team of experts about applications, products, news and more.

Reuter-Stokes Successfully Completes Factory Acceptance Testing at NIST
Reuter-Stokes Delivers to NIST Despite Challenges of the Pandemic
Reuter-Stokes and NIST Commission Helium-3 Detector 8Pack Before End of Pandemic-Challenged Year

Reuter-Stokes in the Community

Learn how Reuter-Stokes is creating an impact in our communities.

Humbling Hurricane Support Effort Echoes Reuter-Stokes’ Service Culture
Reuter-Stokes Senior Chemist honored by OSHA and VPPPA
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We are working to place our entire library of product and application brochures here for easy access and download.

FTD 325 on the Yara Tertre SMR
High Performance Sensors in Depth
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