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Visual Care Plan for Video Borescopes

Enjoy peace of mind with a service plan that delivers more uptime — at a lower cost.

Why Waygate Technologies Visual Care Plan?

A comprehensive service plan for video borescopes intended to help customers decrease equipment downtime, save on repairs, conserve assets, and maintain peace of mind.

Decreased Equipment Downtime
We care about customers getting their assets back fast because we know downtime can be costly. A rental unit credit is included and offered while a customer’s system is in for repair.

Conservation of Assets
Having a routine preventive maintenance plan in place and records of all repairs helps customers plan for longer term costs associated with the upkeep of their equipment.

Reduced Repair Costs
As part of the plan, customers will have a yearly preventive maintenance scheduled by the Waygate Technologies Service team. By evaluating the system and fixing minor repairs early on, this will help prevent costly repairs in the future. Discounts on additional repairs and accessories needed for repairs are also included.

Peace of Mind
Customers will have guaranteed repair coverage should you need it and won’t have to deal with unexpected purchasing hassles, maintenance or repair costs.

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What’s included in the Visual Care Plan

Why is Preventive Maintenance important?
A Preventive Maintenance check is a critical element of the Visual Care Basic and Visual Care Plus Plan. Listed below are a few examples of the services that are included in the check and describes how they help prevent future costly repairs.
Braid and Sheath Replacement
When deterioration starts on the Braid & Sheath, the leak integrity becomes compromised. Left unrepaired, debris and liquids can migrate inside, potentially affecting the optical lens train, fiber optics (light guide), and the camera wire harness, compromising the camera head and resulting in a more costly repair.
Articulation Steering Adjustments
During the Preventive Maintenance visit, minor articulation steering adjustments will be performed to improve the steering performance.
Tip Optic Threaded Thimbles Replacement
By replacing threaded tip optic thimbles that have become compromised, we are helping to prevent potential future threading issues of the camera head, helping to avoid a costly camera head replacement.
Tip Optic Seals Replacement
By periodically replacing loose or missing tip optic seals, you are increasing the longevity of your tips. If left unreplaced, you risk poor image quality due to dirt, debris, or moisture getting into the optical path between the camera head and tip. This can compromise the image quality by creating a blurry image and/or glare due to light straying into the optical path.

Visual Care Plan FAQ

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