Industrial Metrology: 3D Scanning Solutions

Unparalleled 3D precision for complete confidence in your products

Knowing the safety and reliability of parts and assets you produce requires highly precise measurements throughout the manufacturing process. Waygate Technologies' advanced high precision industrial Computed Tomography metrology systems are able to measure even hidden internal surfaces with a precision of just a few micrometers, capturing high-precision geometries with a single scan.

Measuring the inaccessible

Waygate Technologies’ CT scanners provide high-resolution insight on internal geometry deviations out of reach for even state-of-the-art coordinate measurement machines (CMM). Our solutions range from small parts scanners to industrial, production-line capable and gantry-based robotic scanners to deliver whatever inspection metrics you require.

Reducing operating costs

Our solutions offer you access to the right tools to complete truly automated calibrations and system validation tests, anytime, without the need to call a technician. Increase efficiency with 3x faster and easier system calibrations using our patented Ruby|plate phantom and True|position technology. We also make upgrades easy, with Metrology 2.0 optionally available now for the Phoenix V|tome|x M microCT scanner.

Achieving more productivity and higher inspection quality

Proprietary technology such as Waygate Technologies’ Scatter|correct enables scanning of scattering materials with the same artifact-free precision like fan beam CT, but with many times faster cone beam CT. Plus, reduce downtime with 3x faster and easier system calibrations using our patented ruby|plate phantom.

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True|position and Ruby|plate

Used for compensation of residual system mechanical uncertainties included in the Metrology 2.0 package, True|position expands the two measurement positions with VDI 2630-specified accuracy to all positions for improved 3D metrology workflows and precision. This can be verified with Waygate Technologies’ patented Ruby|plate calibration phantom, enabling 3x faster system accuracy verification without any user interaction.

Phoenix V|tome|x M product image

Phoenix V|tome|x M300

The world’s first, highly-flexible microCT scanner designed for 3D metrology and failure analysis with Scatter|correct technology to automatically remove scatter artifacts for higher image quality. In its Metrology|edition configuration, the system allows highest, repeatable VDI 2630 metrology standard conform precision measurements of just a few micrometers.

vtomex c450 waygate technologies 10x15cm

Phoenix V|tome|x C450

A powerful, compact 450 kV precision CT scanner specially designed for large sample 3D computed tomography. Its production-oriented, low-maintenance design offers speed and flexibility allowing for safe production inspection and metrology.

Phoenix Nanotom M product image

Phoenix Nanotom M

Our nanoCT® system for scientific and industrial computed tomography (microCT and nanoCT) inspection and 3D metrology, enabling fully-automated CT scans, reconstruction and analysis for fast, easy and reliable CT results, e.g. in materials research, electronics or medical device inspection.

phoenix v|tome|x L 300

Phoenix V|tome|x L 300

A versatile, large cabinet microfocus system for 3D computed tomography (microCT) and 2D non-destructive X-ray inspection, capable of handling large samples up to 50 kg and up to 500 mm in diameter with extremely high precision.

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