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Tailored Radiography and CT Solutions for your Aerospace application needs

Tightening compliance regulations in the aerospace industry are making precise inspections more vital than ever. At the same time, the pressure to reduce operating costs is intense. Trusted by the aviation and space industries for over 100 years to inspect everything from plane motors to rocket components, Waygate Technologies has the smart, productive, lean and precise metrology inspection solutions aerospace needs to meet these dual challenges in both manufacturing and maintenance.

Technologies made for your industry


Composite Inspection

For fibre or materials research choose the Phoenix NanotomV|tome|x S240 or V|tome|x M

Our Phoenix X|cube, Speed|scan CT 64V|tome|x L300V|tome|x L450 and Power|scan HE are best suited for large part inspection.

Cast Parts

Cast Part Inspection

For small and light cast parts we offer our Phoenix X|cube, V|tome|x M, V|tome|x S240 and Speed|scan HD.

Inspect large or high absorbing cast parts with our Phoenix X|cube, V|tome|x M, C, V|tome|x L300, V|tome|x L450 or Power|scan HE.

Services & Support

Services & Support

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