Control emissions while working meet tighter regulations without worry. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that reduce environmental harm caused by energy production.

Reduce emissions

Whether your goal is to meet carbon reduction goals or simply to reduce emissions for a more sustainable future, our solutions can help.

Adjust to tighter regulations

As regulations continue to tighten, our experts are constantly working to help you not just meet, but exceed those expectations, preparing your operations for what’s next.

Solutions for protecting the environment

Machine Health

Maintaining the health of your assets is critical to operational performance and safety. Backed by global expertise, our robust condition monitoring solutions with predictive analytics enable smarter, faster decisions and more uptime.

Unit Controls

Beyond meeting the latest compliance requirements, knowing your critical infrastructure is protected against unknown threats allows you to move forward with confidence. With deep knowledge of industrial assets, our experts are ready to help you achieve optimal system performance, securely.

Process Measurement

Smarter decision-making is only possible with the most reliable data. Our range of robust and accurate process measurement solutions including gas, flow, and moisture measurement technologies are built to last, giving you peace of mind, 24/7.

Pipeline Inspection

Managing and maintaining a vast network of pipelines in some of the world’s harshest environments is a challenging task. Offering industry-leading magnetic and ultrasonic inspection technologies, our experts will partner with you to design an inspection program that meets the highest levels of safety and performance.