Condition Monitoring Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Bently Nevada offers a wide range of online condition monitoring hardware and software to monitor vibration in generators, pumps and turbine components in power generation plants. Reduce downtime and increase profitability with our advanced predictive maintenance & diagnostic solutions.

Wide range of applications
Our power generation condition monitoring solutions benefit coal-fired, nuclear, combined-cycle, hydroelectric, wind turbine, and other plants. Whatever your focus in the power generation space, Bently Nevada can help you to run as efficiently as possible.

Numbers speak for themselves
Over our 50+ years in condition monitoring leadership we have 1800+ System 1 condition monitoring software customers globally with 300K+ monitoring systems installed around the world and 20+ years offering overspeed detection systems. With our 3500 and System 1 software, Bently Nevada decreased outage duration and increased time between outages by 80%. Our numbers can work for you.

Increase in production
Our systems have provided for 40% reduction in downtime, 40% increase in production and 70% reduction in machine breakdowns while monitoring and protecting assets and operational efficiency.

Software and hardware for your protection
From software that helps customers identify problems before they arise to hardware backed by Bently Nevada ingenuity, our System 1 software solution – coupled with our industry-standard sensors – help maintain plant asset integrity and mitigate costly shutdowns.

Solutions for maintaining your power plant

Bently Nevada Sensors

Power generation plant operators understand that the most efficient way to keep things running is through regular maintenance which affords planned downtime. Our sensors will provide predictive asset management and remote monitoring diagnostic capabilities to mitigate unplanned, costly outages.

Bently Nevada Monitoring Systems

For over 60 years, Bently Nevada has been helping power plant operators protect their plant machinery assets and optimize production thereby avoiding unplanned downtime and allowing you to keep a constant flow of critical electricity moving through the grid to your customers. No machinery protection and condition monitoring company offers more deployment choices or a more advanced line of machine monitoring systems than Bently Nevada. That is why Bently Nevada has been the solution partner of choice for energy companies for over 6 decades.

System 1

System 1 benefits include increased availability and reliability with decreased maintenance costs and lost production revenues.

Service and Support

Our proactive supporting service offerings and programs are designed to ensure your system is healthy, available, secure and optimized. We make sure your power generation machinery is up and running.

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