Total Flare Control
Panametrics’ revolutionary energy transition technology is optimizing flare operations and significantly reducing methane emissions for customers across the globe

Panametrics Flare Flow Measurement

The standard-bearer in ultrasonic flare mass flow measurement

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes company, has offered ultrasonic flare flow meters to industry leaders as a better way to measure gas flare for over four decades. Our flare gas mass flow meters provide critical flow data and diagnostics reliably over a wide flow range (turn-down ratio) with excellent low-end resolution to help improve the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries, and offshore platforms.

Incomplete flaring is one of the major causes of methane slip emissions in the Oil & Gas industry. And a newer understanding of methane underscores the need to manage it better. Recent studies have shown that over a twenty-year period, methane is 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

Panametrics’ revolutionary flare.IQ technology, used in just one typical oil & gas refinery producing 500k barrels a day, running at 70% flare efficiency, can increase that efficiency to 98% and effectively remove 34,000 cars from our roads. For just one refinery.

Our flare gas mass flow meters use a proprietary algorithm that immediately determines the molecular weight and mass flow rate of the flare and sweep gas. These accurate and efficient meters conserve energy and reduce product loss by identifying sources of leaks in the flare system. 

By using flare.IQ and its patented algorithm, operators can pull critical information about their flare system, including temperature, pressure, vent gas velocities, and gas composition to calculate the optimum levels of flare performance and ensure 98%+ high-efficiency flare combustion. When operators are given accurate, real-time, production-floor data, they are empowered to intervene quickly to achieve optimal combustion, thus reducing emissions, by mixing the right amount of vent gas, fuel, and steam at the flare tip.

With ever more ambitious decarbonization and energy transition strategies, operators are increasingly turning to advanced digital solutions to monitor, measure, and drive down methane emissions. The Panametrics family of flare flow meters and transmitters adheres to local regulatory requirements both for reporting and proper control of the flare system, so you can be confident in your flare flow.

flare.IQ Operator Benefits:

  • Deliver high-efficiency flare combustion and significantly reduce methane emissions and steam usage
  • Avoid any carbon tax penalties associated with flaring
  • Manage flare assets remotely 24/7
  • Identify issues early and intervene quickly by having access to real-time combustion efficiency data on the production floor
  • Verify flare meters remotely, eliminating the logistical and operational costs of technician support, scaffolding, and permit application associated with traditional flare verification
  • Eliminate the HSE risk associated with scaffolding


Announcement: New Feature added to Legacy GF868

Extremely High Temperature (XT) capability to our legacy T5 and T17 Transducers. 

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, our ‘XT’ versions of T5 & T17 100 kHz transducers now provide customers with fast, accurate and reliable measurements across an extended temperature range, between -180C and 300C.


Panametrics Flare Flow Meters & Transmitters

Smarter Technologies for The Planet

An Interactive Flare System

How to accurately measure the amount of steam fed to the flare tip for a smokeless operation is a common challenge among flare stack operators and process control engineers.

Between regulations and a corporate responsibility to improve the environmental landscape, companies are discovering that reliable digital solutions can ease the pressure on control engineers allowing them to focus their time on maintaining a safe environment for the refinery with reliable data & insights.

To better understand how our flare management systems can help, Panametrics has developed an interactive flare solutions tool accessible online and with no cost.

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