Stay on Top of Your Moisture Level
Chilled mirror technology delivers high accuracy, drift free moisture measurement.

Chilled Mirror Analyzers

Our chilled mirror hygrometer technology accurately measures the water dew point temperature of gas.

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, offers our customers chilled mirror hygrometer technology that provides a primary standard measurement method able to directly measure the dew point of gas.

The benefits of using a chilled mirror moisture analyzer include high accuracy measurement, low cost of ownership, and easy, trouble-free maintenance.

  • Optica Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
  • OptiSonde Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Our Optica and OptiSonde range of chilled mirror moisture analyzers enables users to accurately measure humidity traceable to national standards. These compact and rugged chilled mirror hygrometers are easy to configure, intuitive to use, and well suited to a multitude of industrial and laboratory applications.

Panametrics Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Solutions

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