Water Purification System

Today’s semiconductor industry drives the electronics business. Recently cyclical, knowledgeable observers expect the semiconductor growth to continue with increased demand from the entire electronics value chain: computers and peripheral devices, consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial electronics, defense, space and transportation. The industry remains volatile and must adapt at a rapid pace.

The semiconductor industry works with a high degree of water purity to be utilized in high-grade clean rooms, as well as high-purity gases and other chemicals for cleaning, etching, plating and planarization processes. Flow measurements within these high-purity processes must be maintained while delivering valuable outputs to run the process at its highest efficiency and availability for 24/7 operations.

The semiconductor process requires high purity gases and other chemicals for the cleaning, purging, etching, plating and planarization processes. Any moisture and oxygen contaminants in these gases, even at the parts-per-billion (ppb) level, can be detrimental to the process yield and to product quality. Reliable and repeatable measurement and control of these contaminants is critical.


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Flow Measurement