Electrolysis for hydrogen production

Hydrogen is one of the fastest growing market segments today.  It is one of the key solutions in achieving a net zero emissions economy by 2050. Hydrogen is being used to replace traditional fossil fuels in many applications, for example: fuel for heavy vehicles; a substitute for natural gas to provide heating; and as a means of storing energy. 

Panametrics can play right across the hydrogen value chain, from production and transportation to utilization.

Today the majority of hydrogen is produced from natural gas in a process called steam methane reforming. This is an energy intensive process and a significant contributor to global emissions.

A second way to produce hydrogen is to separate water into its constituent parts of hydrogen and oxygen, through a process called electrolysis. If the electrolysis process is powered by renewable energy like solar or wind, you have completely emissions free hydrogen, or “Green Hydrogen”. Both the steam methane reforming and electrolysis processes need sensors to determine the quality of the hydrogen they are producing.

This is where Panametrics comes in to play.  With our sensor technologies, we measure the hydrogen purity and also impurities in the hydrogen such as moisture and oxygen. Reach our team of experts to learn different technology options for the different measurements required, including thermal conductivity for hydrogen purity, electrochemical fuel cell for oxygen, aluminum oxide and laser for moisture.

Moisture, Oxygen, and Hydrogen Sensor Solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s)

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Hydrogen Solutions

Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

HygroPro IS moisture transmitter for general purpose and hazardous area. The HygroPro combines a technologically advanced aluminum oxide moisture sensor with state-of-the-art software and electronics for unrivaled overall performance. The HygroPro moisture transmitter is a safe, compact, loop-powered
moisture transmitter designed specifically to meet the demands of rugged industrial applications.

MMY30MMY31 Moisture transmitter for general purpose. This dew point or ppmv moisture transmitter is ideal for
general purpose applications in gases. It is a cost-effective, loop-powered dew point transmitter designed for “in-line” installation (MMY31) or with an integral flow cell (MMY30) for filtration and flow regulation.

Hydrogen Analyzer

Hydrogen Analyzer

XMTC Reliable and accurate analysis of hydrogen concentration in a compact and robust package. The XMTC is a compact, reliable, tried and tested thermal conductivity analyzer, which is ideal for all types of hydrogen generators. The XMTC is configured for Class1/Zone 1 environments and equipped with solvent-resistant cells. It is an extremely versatile and cost effective analyzer that is used for percentage measurements in binary or quasibinary
gas compositions.

Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer

oxy.IQ Reliable oxygen measurement in a compact, unique design. The oxy.IQ is a two-wire transmitter with 17 different percentage and ppm measuring ranges for oxygen analysis, where user friendliness and customer integration are the focus. The oxy.IQ combines all these functions with the help of proven sensor technology in an intrinsically safe design that is perfect for measuring oxygen in a variety of process gases.

Hydrogen Electrolyzer

While the term “the hydrogen economy” is talked about a lot right now, the reality is we have been providing measurements across the hydrogen value chain for many years.

Panametrics have been the go-to analyzer supplier of choice for many gas manufacturers on their steam methane reformer units over many years. We have long historical working relationships with electrolyzer manufacturers globally, providing products and after sales and service support for their electrolysis machines.

Panametrics' Process Analyzers

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