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Edition 2

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Edition 3

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Edition 4

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Remote Learning Opportunities

Bently Nevada Training is now offering our most popular classes as remote learning in time zones around the globe. Remote learning classes follow the same syllabus as in-person training and are taught by our qualified and certified experts.

The impact of digitalization on the oil & gas industry

An interview with Bently Nevada’s Terry Knight

Thrust Position Trend Increase on LP Compressor resolved with the Help of System1 Banner

Just a drive through the Great Plains, across the swathes of Central U.S. from Texas to Montana...

The go to Condition Monitoring Solution in Wind Energy
Orbit 60 Series Update: Now Available to Quote!

For over 60 years, Bently Nevada has been a leader in asset protection and condition monitoring, keeping your machines healthy, your business efficient, and your people safe. Serving 140 countries globally with the foremost software, hardware, and services.

Bently Nevada: Over 60 Years of Innovation
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3500 Rack


Our commitment to the 3500 monitoring system
davanti digital-RT-091319


The Most Important Upgrade for Your Entire Enterprise – PEOPLE
Remote Monitoring


Deepen and Broaden Your Expertise Through Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
Orbit 60

An overview of Bently Nevada's innovative new monitoring system

Why Orbit 60? Why Now?
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Industrial X-Ray and CT Solutions Interview with Baker Hughes

 In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews two leaders from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes Business: Dr. Oliver Brunke, Product Management Team Leader; and  Dr. Holger Roth, Senior Training Manager, to discuss Industrial X-Ray and Computed Tomography (CT) solutions.

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The Advantages of Computed tomography in Lithium Ion Battery Cell Inspection

In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews two leaders from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business: Oliver Brunke, Product Management Team Leader and Udo de Vries, Growth and Strategy Leader, to discuss for example, what are the advantages of computed tomography in Lithium Ion battery cell inspection; in which phases of the product lifecycle can computed tomography be applied for batteries, which types of batteries and battery systems can be inspected, at which customer locations can CT be applied for batteries, and what kind of failures can computed tomography detect for Lithium Ion batteries.

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