The gold standard
The Bently Nevada product line has been the unquestioned standard for condition monitoring and API 670 compliance for over five decades. From over 70% reduction in breakdowns to 40% reduction in downtime, our customers attain real value when they partner with Bently Nevada.

Operational efficiency
Monitoring and protecting your assets is crucial to operational efficiency. Bently Nevada provides diagnostic solutions that support predictive and decision-making capabilities. Our diagnostic tools can be paired with our products to provide a holistic approach to predictive asset management and remote monitoring.

Full-stream protection
Our upstream, midstream and downstream solutions are developed to constantly improve productivity and efficiency while meeting the most comprehensive industry specifications. From protection systems to specialized sensor applications, we provide our Oil & Gas customers with innovative technologies for every application.

Solutions for maintaining your oil and gas machinery

Bently Nevada Sensors

Bently Nevada Sensors

Our founder Don Bently – entrepreneur, engineer and authority on vibration monitoring – built and nurtured the Bently Nevada product line. For nearly six decades his sensing devices have kept watch over our customers’ mission-critical equipment, beginning with the emergence of eddy current proximity transducers and then evolving our Sensors product line with a wide-ranging portfolio of proximity probes, Proximitor sensors, our efficient eddy current proximity transducers – ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration – and more.

Bently Nevada Monitoring Systems

Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring Systems

For over 60 years, Bently Nevada has been helping oil and gas plant operators protect their machinery assets and optimize production thereby avoiding unplanned downtime and allowing you to keep the pipelines open to your customers. No machinery protection and condition monitoring company offers more deployment choices or a more advanced line of machine monitoring systems than Bently Nevada. That is why Bently Nevada has been the solution partner of choice for oil and gas companies for over 6 decades.

System 1

System 1

Bently Nevada's flagship software platform offers a modern and intuitive interface that enables users to establish, manage and improve their plant-wide condition monitoring programs.

System 1 Basic is Bently Nevada’s entry-level software product within the System 1 software suite. It provides a simple view of vibration and monitoring data.


Service and Support

Asset Management Services and Support

We offer complete lifecycle support coverage from initial design, commissioning and integration with your operating processes, and continue throughout the operational life of your facility with available upgrades, replacements, and retrofits enabling you to get the most out of your investment. Our service offerings are carefully developed to ensure you realize the maximum benefits our solutions have on your operation.