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Pressurized Water Reactor Instrumentation

Reuter-Stokes is a world leader in fission chamber design and manufacture including miniaturized fission chambers is in our movable in-core (MIC) sensors, used in Pressurized water reactors (PWR). With over 35 years of design experience, and thousands of fission chambers installed, we have a unique track record of excellent operational performance in some of the harshest environments. Our fission chambers measure neutron flux in various flux ranges to help manage, control, and protect the nuclear reactor. We offer fission chambers in both guarded and un-guarded styles. The guarded fission chambers are particularly well suited to applications where low signal and anticipated operational environments demand the highest level of immunity against electromagnetic interference.

To enable the critical signal of the fission chamber to arrive to the control room, we can utilize safety-related mineral-insulated signal transmission cables (coaxial and tri-axial), as well as safety-related electrical connectors. Both cables and connectors are designed and manufactured to provide high levels of electrical isolation under the demanding environmental conditions present in containment. Fission chambers designed for critical applications must have the highest level of reliability. With hundreds of instruments installed in the field, reliability for us is more than just a claim, but a proven capability.

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