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Instructor Perspective: Unit Startup Issues

Summary: In this episode I discuss how to troubleshoot unit startup issues with my guest, Juan Roman. Juan is an Industrial Control instructor and unit startup issues are one of the most frequent topics that he is asked about in his classes. He shares his thoughts on how to analyze the common potential causes.


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Topics Covered:

  • Most common issues Juan sees when teaching Industrial Control courses
  • Potential causes for unit startup issues
  • Start permissives and their role in troubleshooting
  • Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) and Lube Oil examples
  • Analyzing alarms to determine if issue is process or connection related
  • How controls training and services can help

Guest Bio: Juan is currently a Technical Lead and Instruction Design Lead for Nexus Controls and has over 30 years of experience working with control systems. His past roles include Lead Technical Support Specialist, Senior Training Manager, Remote Services Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and serving in the US navy as a Gas Turbine Technician.

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