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Create Your Cybersecurity Strategy To Protect Your Industrial Assets from Cyber Threats

Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, understands that many of that our customers may not be cybersecurity experts and therefore need assistance to create a cybersecurity strategy that will meet their individual needs.

We have over a decade of expertise in protecting industrial machinery and critical assets from cyber threats. Our services are designed to support compliance with cybersecurity standards and guidelines including: NERC CIP, NEI 08-09 and ISA99/IEC 62443.

We are committed to a culture of security to protect your systems and operations. Let us help you realize the benefits of digital transformation with our premiere industrial cybersecurity services.

Secure your Critical Assets!

Cybersecurity Assessments

Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Program

Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity Assessments

We partner with you to provide OT-specific cybersecurity assessments based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Security Controls, with multiple levels to meet your unique needs. Implementing just the first five of these controls can reduce your risk of cyber-attack by 85%.


  • Elevate your cybersecurity awareness
  • Identify potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Recommended roadmap of actions and mitigations
  • OT-specific controls for Industrial Control System environments
  • Industry-recognized assessment framework


Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Program

Patching your systems is one of the best things you can do to protect your valuable assets and minimize risk to your operation.

Our Cyber Asset Protection subscription provides monthly operating system and application patches, as well as antivirus and intrusion-detection signature updates for HMIs, servers, switches, and network intrusion-detection devices.

Monthly updates can be applied to individual HMIs or via the SecurityST appliance for network-wide deployment. This service is a crucial component of a defense-in-depth system for large-scale industrial environments and facilities.

Regular updates help you to:

  • Identify, monitor, and block potentially malicious activity
  • Establish strong whitelisting policies to significantly reduce vulnerabilities
  • Provide operational compliance to IEC 62443-2-4
  • Cover two of the “First Five Quick Wins” recommended by The SANS Institute

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