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As with any piece of technology, the latest updates ensure the most ideal performance with the most reliability. The same is true for your ultrasonic testing (UT) machine. Waygate Technologies has created a seamless, painless process to implement the latest equipment into your existing machine. Upgrades may be a necessity, but by futureproofing your system, you’ll reduce the risk of downtime and profit from the latest developments in ultrasonic technology.

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PC Upgrades

Choose from two ways to upgrade your PC.

Replacement PC Only Package*

Get the newest PC hardware and operating system to work with your existing application software.

Recommended: Complete PC Upgrade Package*

Fully upgrade your ultrasonic testing machine with the newest PC hardware, operating system and application software customized to your UT instrumentation equipment to maximize performance now and in the future.

*PC upgrades are independent of testing machine type

ROWA-B Upgrades

Our expert install-team will arrive onsite with a customized solution for your ROWA-B machine, and then integrate all the best features of the ROWA™ Ux, including the powerful USIP|xs platform, for a custom build that can’t be matched.

SNUP Upgrades

Integrate all the new features of the USIP|xs platform to improve productivity and quality, and the uniNGE software to simplify the handling and adjustment of your existing SNUP weld inspection machine, for a custom build that can't be matched

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