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Meet VitalyX: Real-Time Ingenuity

Baker Hughes proudly presents: VitalyX--a lubricating oil monitoring platform that persists in real-time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It doesn't stop after simple oil testing, but goes above and beyond to enable important and uninterrupted trend analyses to identify subtle changes in performance. What else? VitalyX uses enhanced algorithms and machine learning to create a picture of a machine's health and prevent asset loss. 

VitalyX provides

  • Holistic views of the entire fleet that clearly identifies alerts and alarms displaying where potential problems may exist 
  • Drill-downs to get a deeper understanding from a system level of individual assets and their performance
  • Intuitive charts broadcasting live data from each asset, and historical information to provide trend analysis and context
  • Dashboards that are fully customizable by the user to set an indicating alarm and alert threshold levels

Condition-Based Monitoring: Understanding Asset Health

  • Traditional maintenance involves interventions based upon time or cycles of use. Often this is either ineffective or inefficient.​
  • Condition based monitoring requires accurate insights into the current state of the assets.​
  • VitalyX is designed to give you that accurate and detailed insight.

Lubrication Oil Remaining Life – Optimize Oil Life Cycles

  • For lubrication oil to be truly effective, it needs to go through a ‘breaking-in’ period. Too often, operators replace or modify the oil before it reaches this stage​.
  • VitalyX uses machining learning to predict the useful life of a lubrication oil, which not only pushes out service intervals, but ensures that the oil performance is optimized.

Real-Time Data – Seamless Live Data

  • The VitalyX system connects sensors deployed within each asset to a cloud based interactive dashboard. 
  • The intuitive dashboard gives a clear view into potential issues that may occur in any asset, with simple and configurable alarms and alerts.

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