Flow measurement without restrictions, offering a new stream of productivity

The Panametrics portfolio of flare gas, process gas, and steam ultrasonic meters, in both inline and clamp-on configurations, is a result of more than a half century of experience. BHGE has the industry-leading solution for flare measurement, a wide range of meters for the toughest customer applications, deep application expertise for solutions to challenging flow applications, and the ability to optimize steam and fuel gas use in flare control. Ultrasonic benefits are numerous, but for gas and steam applications, low-end resolution, no pressure drop, no maintenance needs, and wide flow range answer common industry needs. 

Low-end resolution and wide flow range has been very important to applications like steam, where seasonal shifts in demand can require two or more traditional technologies to measure the full range. Having two meters may require a complicated valve and pipe arrangement to correct meter to direct flow-through. Ultrasonic meters can typically handle the full flow range with one simple meter and without needing to reduce down the pipe to raise the velocity at the low-end of the range.

Flare measurement has benefitted from the wide range of our meters since the early 1980s. Normal flows are always very low, but in upset conditions, the plant needs the meter to be able to reliably report flow without concern of failure and without slowing the flow of gas to the flare tip. The added benefit of our ultrasonic meters in flare and hydrocarbon flows, is the ability to provide bulk molecular weight and mass flow rate. This is important for mass balance of plant and for compliance to many government regulations. The new flare.IQ hardware and software solution adds real time, near-continuous feedback that helps drive down operational cost with reduced steam and supplemental gas consumption.

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Accurate Flare Measurement Improves Plant Performance

Reliable, accurate flare measurement can help plants meet environmental standards and operate more efficiently.