Ultraviolet Flame Sensors for Flare

EGF Flame Tracker

Reuter-Stokes EGF Flame tracker is an ultraviolet flame sensor that constantly monitors the flare pilot, ensuring it is ready for a flare event. Solid state technology provides a rapid response, responding in seconds to changes in the flame. Reuter-Stokes Silicon Carbide technology is designed for use with multiple fuels and can even tolerate hydrogen. The flare is key to plant safety and the pilot is key to flare operation.


The safety of an enclosed ground flare requires dependable pilot flame supervision.

Performance Benefits

  • Provides reliable operation when using almost any fuel
  • Responds quickly to changes in the pilot flame
  • Immune to affects of black body radiation
  • Easy installation outside the enclosed ground flare
  • High sensitivity for low light operation

Improved Safety 

  • Reduce risk of releasing combustible fuel

High Reliability 

  • Know within seconds if the pilot is out
  • Proven technology from natural gas turbine applications

Restored Confidence 

  • Know your flame sensors are working… always

Easy Maintenance 

  • Install and replace is as easy as changing a light bulb

With the Reuter-Stokes EGF Flame Tracker have confidence your flame is lit.

Reuter-Stokes Flame Sensors has been trusted by Power Generation operators for more than 23 years.

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