Industrial CT, Ultrasound, and RVI Service Agreements

Taking care of your equipment with Preventative Maintenance, Remote Service, and Supporting Service Agreements

Service Agreements by Waygate Technologies

Waygate Technologies is committed to the success of our customers, and we offer a range of Service Agreements to meet your needs.

As the world’s leader in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Waygate Technologies delivers the highest quality industrial radiography solutions designed to help your industrial CT scanning operations thrive and your ultrasound equipment produce results. In addition, our RVI solutions complete inspections with ease.

However, our technology is only part of the equation. Support from our qualified industry experts can help you make the most out of every solution – helping you achieve the efficiency you want with the accuracy and safety you need. We offer extensive services so that you not only maximize the benefits of our industrial X-ray, CT, ultrasound, and RVI technology, but also operate them with confidence—knowing that your machines are backed by industry experts.

From preventative maintenance contracts to remote service agreements, supporting service agreements, and software maintenance programs, we are prepared to help get your industrial CT scanners and ultrasound equipment maintained and running smoothly. And it all starts with remote service. Technical experts will help you troubleshoot remotely when you contact our expert team.

RSA Service Levels
All 3 levels include 10 hours of support and are valid for 12 months.
Experts availability: 8 x 5 | Experts call back: 12 working hours
Experts availability: 8 x 5 | Experts call back: 4 working hours
Experts availability: 8 x 5 | Experts call back: 2 working hours
Supporting Service Agreements
Choose the one that works best for you
SSA – Ultrasonic Testing
Proactive care to maximize your equipment investment
Choose our new managed equipment services subscription so you will have what you need, when you need it
Gain peace of mind with assured availability and response
Visual Care Plan
A comprehensive service plan for video borescopes

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