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3D printing has opened up a world of possibility for industry, but this level of innovation has yielded a whole set of new challenges for operators. The use of novel materials in production, demands for higher throughput, combined with increasing quality control standards means added pressure and risk in nearly every area of your supply chain.

We're here to help you navigate the road ahead, delivering reliable technology to help you achieve long-term ROI while avoiding unexpected costs.

Improving real business outcomes

The value of our additive manufacturing expertise, solutions and services directly supports your bottom line across the industrial supply chain. From fast and accurate inspections in the lab and on the production floor, to on-demand additive manufacturing services.

Additive Manufacturing Part

Improve product quality

Design and produce better quality additive parts more efficiently with the support of our additive manufacturing engineering experts.

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Optimize production cycles

Speed up processes, improve supply chain flexibility, and reduce waste of materials and labor resources during the part design process and on the production line.

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Reduce risk

Improve safety by avoiding hazards or catastrophes caused by additive part failure, meeting tightening process and quality regulations and achieving total confidence in every part you produce.

Forward-thinking solutions for your industry

Research and Rapid Prototyping

Research and Rapid Prototyping

Take full advantage of the potential of additive manufacturing by designing and implementing new solutions faster with the help of our additive manufacturing engineering experts. Inspect and validate novel product designs and analyze powder characteristics to quickly reveal vulnerabilities. 

Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory

Minimize unforeseen downtime with a digital inventory of spare parts, available whenever you need them. We can digitally document and store renderings of your entire inventory, and expedite the exact part you need at the touch of a button.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Have total confidence that your final 3D printed product will function exactly as it should. Ensure correct measurements and specifications are met with multiple inspection methods, along every step of the process. 



Vastly expand the possibilities additive manufacturing brings to your operations – from the design and manufacturing of materials, to on-demand availability of spare parts.

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Our globally-recognized portfolio of products and team of experts can help you truly harness the benefits of additive manufacturing in your operations — from powder to finished part. Schedule a visit at one of our Customer Solutions Centers worldwide to get a first-hand look at our latest technologies and learn more about our services for additive manufacturing.

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