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Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing (AM) service that leverages the engineering expertise and resources of Baker Hughes to vastly expand beyond what’s possible for the design and manufacturing of materials, company interaction, and local industry development. Applying AM technology enables customers to not only create more efficient and durable replacement parts, but connect to an ecosystem that enables the industrialization and production of AM, drastically cut operational costs and manufacturing lead time, and allows you to:

  • Create more efficient parts
  • Standardize operational processes, guaranteeing quality assurance
  • Reduce carbon footprint by digitalizing physical inventory
  • Minimize downtime by rapidly reverse engineering and replacing parts
  • Gain worldwide access to an AM infrastructure and extensive expertise 


Additive Manufacturing Emergency Services Smaller Size

Emergency services

Rapid response 3D printing and reverse engineering

Replacing critical parts often means long lead times, or downtime due to parts that have been discontinued. The rapid response service from Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing Services recreates broken or discontinued parts through reverse engineering — performed at our closest qualified vendor site — reducing the repair timeline to only a matter of days or weeks. Additionally, our engineers can apply new, advanced design features to increase the efficiency and durability of the replacement part, all while evaluating possible modifications to strengthen its surrounding structures.


Formyst- generative design custom part modification

Generative design

Custom part modification

Through Baker Hughes’ extended AM capabilities and engineering knowledge, we can define and develop the most optimal solution to improve your parts’ efficiency and reliability — and thus, the entirety of your assets. Integrating complex shapes with an array of materials enables the creation of products with unique design features that cohesively bring assets to their full performance potential. 


Formyst- Digital inventory spare parts on demand

Digital inventory

Spare parts on demand

Minimizing unforeseen downtime is crucial for meeting your bottom line, but carrying an extended inventory of spare parts can drastically drive up your operational costs. Instead, Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing Service empowers you with the ability to digitally document and store renderings of your entire inventory, and expedite the exact part you need at the touch of a button. Thus, allowing you to exchange unnecessary overhead with a streamlined supply chain. 


Formyst-Local vendor training and qualification


Local vendor training and qualification

In order to adequately expand accessibility to regional markets, we’ve introduced a systematic process that improves production lead times, helping local vendors:

  • Obtain and install the industry-leading 3D printers
  • Operate an AM ecosystem at the Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing Services standards
  • Become skilled in emerging and cutting-edge technologies
Experience with expertise:
Get trusted solutions with over 100 years of industry-leading engineering expertise, and widespread recognition in design and additive services
Accessibility, anywhere:
With seven international additive centers, you can get access to fast solutions and qualification services from anywhere in the world
Access to every solution:
Our broad footprint in advanced services and solutions across every industry gives you endless possibilities at every step of your process

At Baker Hughes, we know additive manufacturing because we use additive manufacturing. As the world’s digital leader for delivering high-quality, cutting-edge solutions across every industry and sector, we combine our additive manufacturing expertise with relentless innovation. High Energy CT, for instance, can scan high-density metal alloys used for additive components with 20x more powerful penetration energy. With that kind of power on hand, you have unlimited access to endless possibilities. We invite you to explore where our AM solutions might be right for your business or application.