Unique Challenges in Water and Wastewater Industry

Water and wastewater plants are an indispensable part of a country’s infrastructure. Areas with growing populations face the difficulty of meeting increased demand for services with shrinking staffs and budgets. They may also find that increased demand has transformed formerly spare machinery into nonspared with little or no “back up” capacity when an asset fails.  In contrast, other plants may find themselves in areas of declining population, but still face their own formidable challenges. Such plants are often required to meet demand with aging systems that must be kept up and running without the option of major capital investment in new assets.

Trends in the industry today

  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Insufficient funding
  • Manpower requirements
  • Asset Management
  • Privatization
  • Security Concerns


    Water and Wastewater


    If the assets are unreliable, it has enormous consequences.What if you could make your assets more reliable while spending less money on maintenance? That’s exactly what today’s best companies have discovered how to do.Industry studies show that the average facility spends approximately 5% of its Replacement Asset Value (RAV) on maintenance each year. In comparison, best performers spend 60% less (just 2% of RAV) while enjoying better uptime, efficiency, and profitability. Thus, it’s not about simply spending less on maintenance, it’s about working differently—working smarter— to achieve a more reliable plant.

    Water and waste water solutions enable industries and municipalities to meet growing population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, and comply with regulatory requirements for water and wastewater facilities.   

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    Explore Panametrics’ latest technologies and how they can help you with different challenges such as ensure a sufficient water supply while managing resources, identifying leaks, and improving network segmentation while maintaining availability.

    Automation, Controls and Cybersecurity for Water and Wastewater Operations

    By Nexus Controls

    Nexus Controls LLC (formerly GE Energy Controls Solutions) has deep expertise in integrating systems, interfacing with machines, and centralizing islands of information unique to our customers’ sites while we help them to protect their data, controls and automated machine assets with defense in depth cyber security solutions. Nexus Controls exists as the collective experience and history of multiple companies whose expertise, knowledge and lineage spans 150 years.

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