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Precision meets simplicity in these intuitive, high-performance instruments

DM5E corrosion thickness gauges

Compatible with our best-in-the-industry probes, the DM5E corrosion thickness gauges represent the highest standard of precise, user-friendly thickness measurement. Lightweight and ergonomically designed for everyday use, their intuitive interface and simple calibration give you measurements you can trust, even in the harshest working environments. 

The most commonly used probes (501, 503, 512, FH2E, and 590) are already programmed onto the device, simplifying your operations for more accurate, reliable readings. Choose from three levels of functionality to determine the capability — and the price — that works for you. 

  • Easy, intuitive operation takes thickness readings automatically, guiding you through every step
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art probes allow for improved high-temperature performance 
  • DM5E and DM5E DL offer dual-multi measurement, allowing convenient measurement through protective coatings 
  • DM5E DL includes a built-in data logger supporting up to 50,000 readings 

The DM5E corrosion thickness gauges are ideal for measuring pipelines, pressure vessels and storage tanks in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the petrochemical and power-generation sectors.

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