Inspect glue lines and seams on automotive body panels with confidence. Our bond seam scanning equipment is easy to operate, easy to read, and easy to adapt. So you can identify misaligned bond lines and areas that lack adhesive, without compromising on productivity or safety.

  • User-friendly: Clamps on body panels joined by a seam or other adhesive bonding process, and provides smooth scanning on a stable platform with a spring-loaded encoder wheel
  • Reliable: With a linear array design, visual images can be easily interpreted—allowing you to evaluate overall bond seam width
  • Flexible: Enables the array to adopt to contoured parts commonly used in automobile design, on seams up to 32 mm wide

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Solutions for automotive UT inspections

Flaw Detectors

Revolutionize your UT inspections. Our field-tested flaw detectors provide fast, accurate inspections for internal product integrity. Powerful ultrasound technology penetrates deeply into materials with superior accuracy.

Scanners and Solutions

Get reliable UT results faster. With solutions for joint scanning, butt weld and bond seam inspections are made easy.


Get the most out of your data for every UT inspection. Our powerful ultrasonic portable inspection software makes it easy to access high-performance results, with the convenience and flexibility you need.

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