Digital Solutions is a multi-billion dollar business of Baker Hughes. With 120+ years of combined experience, we bring peace of mind to the world's infrastructure. We deliver customer outcomes through intelligent, connected technologies to sense, monitor, control and inspect.

DS has offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide, with significant presences in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Our heritage is built on strong technologies and world-leading brands that include:


Our Leadership

Rami Qasem CEO Baker Hughes Digital Solutions

Rami Qasem, Executive Vice President, Digital Solutions

Rami Qasem is Executive Vice President of Baker Hughes and leads the Digital Solutions business for the company. Digital Solutions is a market leader in condition monitoring (Bently Nevada), sensing (Druck, Panametrics, Reuter-Stokes), control systems and cybersecurity (Nexus Controls) and industrial inspection (Waygate Technologies, Process & Pipeline Services).

With 25+ years of experience, Qasem previously served as President of the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and India (MENATI) region for Baker Hughes since 2017.

He began his career in 1997 with GE and has since held different roles in the company, including GE Energy's Region Executive for the Gulf region as well as Global Sales Leader for GE Energy's Optimization and Control business. Qasem later served as General Manager for GE Energy Services in Middle East and Africa. Prior to joining Baker Hughes, he served as President of the MENATI region for GE Oil & Gas from 2011-2017.

Our Business over Time

Founded in 1892, SEIFERT introduced one of the first X-ray systems in 1896, just a few months after X-ray’s have been detected by Wilhelm C. Röntgen.


The first Eddy current applications are developed from Bently Nevada.


Reuter-Stokes (US), a nuclear instrumentation and radiation measurement business, is acquired by General Electric Company (GE) and began the creation of the DS portfolio.


DS acquires Woodward's controls business (US), a leader of industrial control systems, as well as General Eastern (U.S.), a leader in humidity and moisture measurement.



DS expands its portfolio with several acquisitions to strengthen condition monitoring, sensors and inspection capabilities:

  • Bently Nevada (US), a leader in machinery protection and condition monitoring
  • PII Pipeline Solutions (UK), a leader in pipeline integrity services.
  • Panametrics (US), a leader in flow, gas and moisture measurement solutions
  • Druck (UK), a leader in pressure sensors and solutions

DS expands its portfolio with several acquisitions in the inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) segments. The inspection portfolio is named GE Inspection Technologies:

  • Krautkramer (DE), a leader in ultrasonic testing and portable inspection solutions
  • SEIFERT (DE), a leader in industrial X-Ray solutions
  • Hocking (UK), a leader in eddy current technologies
  • Nutronik, a leader in ultrasonic inline testing technologies
  • AGFA NDT, a leader in industrial X-ray film and digital imaging 

DS acquires Xinhua Controls (CN), a leader in distributed control systems and services, as well as Everest VIT (US), a leader in remote visual inspection solutions.


DS acquires phoenix x|ray, a leader in 2D micro- and nanofocus X-ray inspection and 3D industrial computed tomography (CT) 


DS expands its Bently Nevada portable condition monitoring portfolio with the acquisition of Commtest (NZ). DS also expands its customer offerings in a partnership with NVMS Measurement Systems in Australia.


DS' parent business, GE Oil & Gas, merges with Baker Hughes Incorporated to become Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE). GE later sells down its majority ownership stake in BHGE in September 2019, resulting in a name change from BHGE to Baker Hughes.

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

Measurement and Sensing 

  • Pressure, flow, moisture and gas analyzers 
  • Pressure sensors for the upstream market

Inspection and Testing 

  • Weld integrity for girth, longitudinal welds in pipelines, pressure vessels, and structures
  • Corrosion and erosion detection and monitoring
  • Heat exchanger tubes, shells, and fin-fans
  • Rotating equipment (Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Engines)

Control and Monitoring

  • Condition monitoring for rotating and reciprocating assets
  • Lifecycle management solutions
  • Control system retrofits and migrations
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Prevent and monitor vibrations
  • Enterprise-wide software solutions
  • Compressor control
  • Generator protection


Power Generation

Measurement and Sensing

  • Flow meters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Level sensors
  • Moisture probes and transmitters
  • Radiation detection technologies
  • Neutron monitoring

Inspection and Testing

  • Rotating equipment inspection
  • Weld inspection
  • Inspection and monitoring for corrosion
  • Turbine blade inspection
  • Heat exchanger tubes, shells, and fin-fans
  • Inspection of composite components, wind turbine blades, fan blades, aircraft structures
  • Ultrasonic and x-ray testing film, equipment and systems for inspection
  • Digital x-ray systems and testing machines
  • Flaw detection
  • Pre commissioning and maintenance

Control and Monitoring

  • Protection, vibration, and condition monitoring for critical and plant-wide machinery
  • Machinery diagnostic services
  • Hydro turbine condition monitoring
  • Motor condition monitoring
  • Combined cycle plant condition monitoring
  • Control system retrofits and migrations
  • Generator protection and control panels
  • Plant-wide controls/DCS
  • Cyber security solutions


Measurement and Sensing

  • Air data test sets
  • Pressure sensors and instruments
  • Electrical instruments
  • Humidity sensors and instruments
  • Gas sensors and instruments
  • Flow instruments
  • Leak testers

Inspection and Testing 

  • Weld inspection
  • Inspection for corrosion
  • Turbine blade inspection
  • Tube and ducting
  • Composite inspection of turbine and propeller blades, airframe, and control surfaces
  • Ultrasonic test equipment and squirter systems
  • X-ray film, equipment and systems
  • Flaw detection, scribe line, FOD


  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)
  • Spot weld, structural welds
  • Automotive engine, steering, and structural components and castings
  • Rail axle, wheel, rail, and engine components
  • Electronics inspection
  • Engine management solutions
  • Radiation detector
  • In-line X-ray
  • X-ray analysis 


BHGE's Inspection Technologies portfolio offers incredible precision for defect recognition in the ever-important electronics and batteries industries.

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