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Bently Nevada

Unexpected machinery failure is expensive-- sometimes causing unplanned downtime and creating HSE risk. Bently Nevada is minimizing failure and keeping your projects moving forward.

Bently Nevada serves a variety of needs, including Asset Condition Monitoring, Machinery Diagnostics, Monitoring and Sensing Hardware, Asset Protection Software and Global Support and Services.

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Nexus Controls

Drawing on 150 years of accumulated domain knowledge, Nexus Controls delivers comprehensive, scalable solutions with superior controls systems, safety systems (SIL), hardware, software and services.

Nexus Controls partners with customers from many different industries to securely optimize their operations, increase visibility, minimize downtime, and improve safety. Nexus Controls is also a leader in industrial cybersecurity, including hardware, software and managed security services.

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50年以上に渡り、ロイターストークスは高精度放射能計測、煮水原子炉監視装置、ガス・タービン・フレーム監視、並びにワイヤー・ライン掘削装置を含む油田掘削計測 に必要な計測機器の研究、設計、製造をリードしてきました。

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Waygate Technologies

As the global leader in industrial inspection solutions, Waygate Technologies makes the invisible visible and eliminates uncertainty about the integrity of a technical component.

Waygate's deep expertise in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions is used by market leaders in major industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Power Generation, Additive Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas.

Waygate offerings include hardware, software and services in radiography, computed tomography, remote visual inspection, ultrasound and eddy current.