Glossary of Terms

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3D Data Mask

Shows red and yellow pixel masks. See Red Mask on Image and Yellow Mask on Image for details.

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3D Perspective Lines

Dotted blue lines showing the four corners of the tip field of view in the full image point cloud to help the user understand and improve tip orientation relative to a surface. May be shown or hidden via the settings menu.

3D Phase Measurement

A measurement technology that projects line patterns on an object via a series of LEDs. Measurements are calculated using the concept of phase shift analysis combined with proprietary processing technology.

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3D Point Cloud

A 3D graphical representation of the surface being inspected on which lines and spheres are added to show measurements made on that surface. The 3D point cloud can be rotated and viewed from multiple angles and perspectives. It allows an inspector to check the setup of their measurement and cursor placement points.

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3D Stereo Measurement

Uses the same optical principles and tip optics as Stereo Measurement and combines these with the ability to create, manipulate and analyze a 3D Point Cloud representation of measurement data.

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3D Surface Mask

Colored semi-transparent masking of surface points in the 2D image and point cloud views during 3DPM or 3D Stereo measurement that helps guide proper cursor placement.

3DPM Range Guide

Visual aid displayed when viewing live video with a 3DPM tip attached to indicate the system’s ability to achieve sufficient brightness with the tip LEDs for a high-quality scan. Increasing the number of bars by moving closer to the target will increase 3D data quality and measurement accuracy.

A - L

Active Cursor

The cursor currently being manipulated, indicated by a blue circle.

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Additive Manufacturing

The construction of complex three-dimensional parts from 3D digital model data by depositing successive layers of material. Metal, polymer, and ceramic materials can be used to manufacture parts of a geometry that often cannot be produced by any other manufacturing technology.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing refers to using new, innovative technologies and methods to manufacture all types of products, meant to enable optimal efficiency and product integrity. Typically these types of operations leverage constantly-collected data and automation techniques.

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Advisory Message

“Move closer to target or move cursors for better results” – Indicates that the measurement is too small to be reliable at the current tip to target distance. Can be remedied by moving tip closer to the indication or selecting larger measurement area.

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables you to get the most value out of any single asset throughout its lifecycle.

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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Asset Performance Management (APM), when done successfully, enables you to maximize the value of any one asset or fleet of assets across your operations. The best APM strategies are informed by continuous data collected and interpreted into actionable insights.

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Using control systems to operate an apparatus, process, or system with minimal or reduced direct human intervention.*


Materials comprised of two or more components with significantly different physical or chemical properties, that when combined, produce a material that behaves differently from the individual components.*

Computed Tomography (CT)

A non-destructive testing technique that combines thousands of 2D radiography scans to create a 3D image, offering the most accuracy and highest probability of detection for an incredibly wide range of materials and defects.

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Condition Monitoring (CM)

Condition monitoring refers to any method of monitoring the condition of an asset. Half a century ago, that meant listening for noises and vibrations that could mean trouble. Now, it typically refers to using sensors to measure many factors that indicate the health of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failures, and maximize the useful life of an asset.

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Corrective Maintenance

When a potential failure is first detected, there is opportunity to avert breakdowns with the right corrective action.

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Depth Assist

Feature wherein the the system searches the surface data in the vicinity of the first three cursors of a Depth measurement and automatically places the fourth cursor at the deepest point, highest point, or a point on a blade tip saving the user the time of locating those points manually.

Depth Map

3D point cloud viewing mode in which either the tip to target distance (full image) or the perpendicular distance from the measurement reference plane (measurement image) is color coded to provide better understanding of 3D data noise levels and surface contours.

Depth Profile View

Alternative 2D view of depth profile along a selected depth profile line.

Digital Manufacturing

Aims to improve product design and manufacturing processes across the board seamless integration of information technology systems across the supply chain.*

Discrete Manufacturing

Producing finished products that can be recognized as distinct physical units via serial numbers or other labeling methods.*

Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

A system of sensors, controllers, and computers distributed throughout a plant – feeding into a centralized computer on a local area control network.

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Eddy Current Inspection

A non-destructive testing technique that's based on the principal of electromagnetism.

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Edge View Angle (EVA)

Displayed next to the MTD to help the user gauge the suitability of the viewing perspective when making a Point to Line, Depth, or Area measurement near the edge of a surface using a Measurement Plane.

Edge View Angle Line (EVA Line)

Line shown in the point cloud indicating where the EVA is determined. The EVA is 0° when the EVA Line is perpendicular to the measurement plane.

Full Image Point Cloud

Shows all measurements and surface data. The depth map indicates the distance from the measurement tip to the surface.

Guide Lines

Lines shown in the point cloud views when using a Measurement Plane with Length, Point to Line, Multi Segment, or Area to help the user position cursors to align with out-of-plane surface points.

Inactive Cursor

Cursors not currently selected, indicated by a green circle. Insight for where data can be pushed and remeasuredby SMEs.

Industrial Control System (ICS)

The digital center of plant operations, the industrial control system is responsible for keeping the facility running safely and efficiently. These digital assets must be maintained and updated on a regular basis to ensure the overall performance of the turbine and auxiliary systems.

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Industry 4.0

"Industry 4.0" is a popular term reffering to the latest industrial revolution, combining advanced manufacturing techniques with smarter use of data and artificial intelligence technologies to enable more efficient manufacturing systems.

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Inspection Manager

PC–based re-measurement tool for visual inspection images.

InspectionWorks Connect

Remote collaboration tool allowing live remote viewing of inspection video, two–way chat and annotation. Can be activated directly on the Mentor iQ handset.

M - Z

Manufacturing Cost

Includes quality-related costs, direct and indirect labor, equipment repair and maintenance, other manufacturing support and overhead, and other costs directly associated with manufacturing operations.*

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Manufacturing Cycle Time

The time of actual production from the moment a customer order arrives on the plant floor to the completion of all product manufacturing, assembly, and testing.*

Measurement Image Point Cloud

Shows only the active measurement and surface data in its vicinity. The depth map indicates the perpendicular distance of the surface points from the measurement’s reference plane.

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Missing Corner

The corner of a turbine blade that has been broken off usually by an object passing through the turbine.

Maximum Target Distance (MTD)

Maximum Target Distance. Identifies the distance of the furthest cursor point in a given measurement from the tip of the probe.

Noise in the Point Cloud

Artifacts in the 3D data not representative of true surface geometry. Noise is generally reduced by moving the tip closer to the target surface or changing angle of approach to reduce reflections.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an inspection technique used to evaluate the properties of a material, component, or structure for defects without causing damage to the original part.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Orange Outline Around Measurement Results and MTD Value

Indicates that the measurement is too small to be reliable for the current tip to target distance. Can be remedied by moving tip closer to measurement or selecting larger measurement area.


Original projected pattern images are embedded in the saved image file and fully re-processed to generate new 3D data when re-measurement is performed on the recalled image. Generally used for development and troubleshooting purposes.

Predictive maintenance

The ideal approach for saving valuable time and money, a predictive maintenance program leverages access to reliable, continuous, and actionable data to help you foresee failures and prevent them before they happen.

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Preventive maintenance

Also known as a "time-based maintenance" program, repairs are conducted at regular intervals and/or when the potential for asset failure is suspected, to prevent a breakdown from happening.

Proactive maintenance

When potential failure is detected, proactive maintenance can correct the root cause of failure and avoid breakdowns.

Probability of Detection

Used in various industry sectors to establish the capability of an inspection to detect flaws. This is generally expressed as a POD curve, which relates the likelihood of detection to a characteristic parameter of the flaw, usually its size.*

Learn more about Probability of Detection.

Product Development Cycle

Often called time to market, this is the period from when design/development work begins to the time that the final product is available for purchase.*

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Profile Slices

Paths along the surface between the reference profile lines in an Area Depth Profile Measurement that map the perpendicular distance between the surface points and the reference surface.

Projected Plane Measurement

The use of a Measurement Plane in combination with another measurement type to mathematically project the plane of a surface over the entire image and measure on that plane.

Radiography Inspection

A non-destructive testing technique that involves the use of either x-rays or gamma rays to view the internal structure of a component.

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Rapid Prototyping

Techniques to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly, such as 3D printing.

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Reactive maintenance

By the time failure occurs, the asset is no longer operating, leading to lost productivity and reactive repairs. This is also known as a "Break/Fix" approach.

Red Filled Cursors on Depth Profile

Indicates cursor is not on a flat surface or not on the same plane. Cursor must be repositioned for accurate measurement.

Red Mask on Image

Indicates surface data in this area is not available for measurement. Moving closer or adjusting viewing orientation may reduce red mask area.

Reference Line

In a point to line measurement, the first two cursors, placed on unaltered surface points, define a straight reference line in 3D space from which the distance to the third cursor point is measured.

Reference Plane

The plane, defined by three or more points on a reference surface, from which the perpendicular distance to other surface points is computed. A blue square indicates the reference plane position in the measurement image 3D point cloud view.

Note: A reference plane is calculated as flat, even if the surface the plane rests on is not flat. This is a potential source of error. 

Reference Profile Line

Area Depth Profile lines set by the measurement cursors which follow the surface contours and are used to determine the area and reference planes for the profile slices.

Reference Surface

Unaltered part surface to be used as a reference for various measurements.

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Use of camera-based equipment (i.e., videoprobes, video borescopes, robotic crawlers) to remotely inspect installed components and materials for defects and damage.

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Result Slice

The Area Depth Profile profile slice that includes the highest or lowest point and is shown on the image and in the point cloud.

Smart Manufacturing

Refers to innovative manufacturing methods that aim to reduce manufacturing costs from the perspective of real-time energy management, energy productivity, and process energy efficiency.*

Yellow Mask on Image

With 3D Phase Measurement, indicates surface data may be of low quality for measurement. The potential for reduced accuracy may exist, especially for depth or small measurements. Yellow mask areas are often caused by surface to surface reflections. Changing the probe orientation to make such reflections bounce away from the probe tip may improve data quality and reduce or eliminate yellow mask areas.


Computed 3D surface data is embedded in the saved image file and used when re-measurement is performed on the recalled image. Gives smaller files than PMap and is recommended for most users.

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