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Consumers want vehicles that pair top-notch performance with eco-friendliness. Regulators want dramatically lower fuel emissions — soon. To meet these pressing demands, you need the right technologies, the right partners and the ability to leverage data to work smarter.

We have 40 years of expertise in the automotive industry, with many automakers trusting our Druck pressure measurement technology for the most reliable results. We know from experience that in this industry, rapid change is a constant. Now, as automakers drive toward digital transformation, we’re expanding our offerings for the industry.

From research and development to manufacturing to the assembly line, we have the technologies to help you minimize downtime and accelerate innovation. We want to be your industrial technology partner on the road forward.

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Automotive Technologies

Research & Development

Inspect new, energy-efficient materials and accurately test pressure levels in even the harshest environments with confidence, enabling faster product introductions.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Leverage the power of data to transform your production line with condition monitoring solutions, while inspecting every part with speed and ease.

Test Applications

When it comes to data gathering in industrial applications there are three key areas to consider: test applications, on-vehicle test and engine test cells.  Built for accuracy and precision, Druck pressure sensors are one of the leading technologies in the world of industrial testing.

Our Technologies

Forward-thinking solutions for your industry

Automation, Controls and Cybersecurity for Automotive

By Nexus Controls

Nexus Controls LLC (formerly GE Energy Controls Solutions) has deep expertise in integrating systems, interfacing with machines, and centralizing islands of information unique to our customers’ sites while we help them to protect their data, controls and automated machine assets with defense in depth cyber security solutions. Nexus Controls exists as the collective experience and history of multiple companies whose expertise, knowledge and lineage spans 150 years.

Turbine and Compressor Controls

Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Industrial Cybersecurity

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