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LNG輸送船は遠方の消費者に衛生的な天然ガスを大量に輸送するように設計されています。 LNG輸送船において、タンクの大気圧システムは在庫管理と安全な輸送のための正確な温度、測定レベル、圧力測定値を保証するものです。このガスを保存するタンクは、巨大で複雑な構造をしており、9万~17万5千㎥の容量を輸送できます。タンクの設計と構造は物質的資産を含んでおり、操作及び保守費用を最小限に留めるため、信頼性の高いタンクの大気圧システムを稼働させることが必須となります。


LNG運輸船のレーダー・システムは、タンク・レベルの測定監視システムです。 表面からの距離を特定するために資源製品に超音波を送り、そのレベルを測定します。距離を正確に測定するために、レーダー・システムはガス中の超音波のスピードを知る必要があります。これは、タンク内のガスの圧力と種類によります。






Druck’s solution and added value

The Druck team agreed to develop a customised product designed specifically to meet the many requirements of this challenging application. Druck provided a PDCR 250 digitally compensated pressure sensor which offers high accuracy (0.25% full scale) over the wide operating temperature range of -20 to 80°C, found on the deck of a ship.

In this application, a Hazardous area certification was obtained, allowing the unit to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, where a gas leak could be catastrophic. 

The unit is fully welded offering high levels of protection from any contaminants in the environment or media. By selecting the specific cable that was chosen and the welded construction of the sensor, marine certifications for the customer’s tank gauging system were obtained.

The sensitive pressure measuring module is made from Hastelloy C to avoid any corrosion issues from any Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) present in the natural gas.  

A push fit vent tube connection is present on the back of the sensor to allow venting from the pressurised housing to atmosphere in order to guarantee accurate gauge measurements. 

A customised version of the MODbus protocol was implemented on an RS485 hardware system to ease integration into existing customer software systems.

These integrated solutions allow Druck’s customer to enjoy repeatable, high accuracy measurements of the level of liquid held within tanks, which permits the operator to regulate their inventory levels. Moreover, accurate temperature and level measurement mitigate the potential risk of overfills, meaning the possibility of product losses and environmental damage are also minimised. 

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