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Between growing energy demands, process complexity, public scrutiny, and complex international relations, it’s never been more important to make the right decisions at the right times.

That’s why we’re always working, learning, innovating, and adapting to overcome obstacles and propel the industry forward.

BHGE Measurement and Controls offers a diverse portfolio of solutions for oil and gas, with the deep domain understanding to guide you through what’s next. We provide the experience and insights you need to gain control, take action, and reduce risk—to connect the dots to see the bigger picture, and to feel confident in the decisions you make as a result.

From premium hardware, to advanced artificial intelligence software, to reliable services across the world, we are here. We are pioneers of industry, problem-solvers, and trusted partners. And we are committed to uncovering possibilities for leaner oil and gas operations that power our world — today and tomorrow.

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Featured Oil and Gas Solutions
Ultrasonic Inspection Solutions for Refineries
Simplify complex inspections and improve productivity with reliable and robust Waygate Technologies portable ultrasonic NDT solutions for weld inspections.
Measurement Solutions for Refineries
Produce more at a lower cost, efficiently and safely, with industry-leading Panametrics moisture and gas measurement, flare management, flare measurement and ultrasonic flow metering solutions.
Bently Nevada Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries
Our solutions and people continue to deliver plant-wide solutions worldwide, helping them increase safety, optimize operations, and protect their production assets.