The standard bearer in ultrasonic flare mass flow measurement

Panametrics Flare Flow Measurement

BHGE's Panametrics flare gas mass flow meters provide critical flow data and diagnostics reliably over a wide flow range (turn down ratio), with excellent low-end resolution, to enable plants to improve the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms. It uses a proprietary algorithm to determine instantaneously the molecular weight and mass flow rate of the flare and sweep gas. The meter is used to conserve energy and reduce product loss by identifying sources of leaks into the flare systems and when used with an advanced control solution like flare.IQ, will accurately control the amount of steam fed to the flare tip for smokeless operation. The Panametrics flare meter is also an important component to meet local regulation requirement both for reporting and proper control of the flare system.

Smarter technologies for the planet

flare.IQ offers a turnkey solution designed to optimize the performance of the entire flare system, helping refineries to meet regulatory requirements, significantly reduce methane emissions, and drive down operational costs by reducing steam and incremental gas consumption.

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Panametrics Flare Meters

BHGE’s Panametrics products and services offer a complete flare management solution.