Adapt 過速度検知のような世界クラスの緊急遮断デバイスの形で機械保護が必要な場合でも、3500 システムを介して数千ものプラントで実現している安心が必要な場合でも、各種診断機能をすべて揃えたポータブルアプリケーションの場合でも、ベントリー・ネバダの機械保護ソリューションは、基本的にあらゆる産業機械アプリケーションの機械設備保護に対応します。


勿論、これらすべてのデータをソートし、リアルタイムで実測値を提示する必要があります。ベントリー・ネバダの主力ソフトウェアソリューションであるSystem 1*は、すべての機械監視データを取得し、直感的で操作性に優れたインターフェイスを経由して完全にカスタマイズ可能な形式で提供します。そのため、十分な情報に基づいて実行可能な決定を下し、計画外停止を回避し、保全作業を管理し、計画できるようになります。






このアプリをぜひ確認ください! ベントリー・ネバダのハードウェア、ソフトウェア、およびサービスは、お客様のニーズを念頭に設計されています。百聞は一見にしかずと言います。ベントリー・ネバダは、お客様のすべての設備資産を確認、診断、そして保守するための最適な方法を提供することに情熱を傾けています。

ここからアプリを開いて、すべての機器がどのように接続されるのかを確認いただき、業界の最新成功事例をご覧いただき、状態監視の価値を確認してください - 右の画像をクリックの上、ベントリー・ネバダのまったく新しいソリューションをご覧ください。

Bently Nevada Machinery Monitoring Solutions

Machinery Protection

Condition Monitoring (without protection)

Rack-Based Systems

Distributed Systems


Portable Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems

Machinery Protection

Machinery Protection Systems

Protect your critical machine assets with Bently Nevada's line of online machinery protection systems. Our systems continually monitor the vibration levels of your critical assets, alerting you or even shutting down equipment if predetermined levels are exceeded. These systems go well beyond essential protection function, allowing for long-term asset health monitoring and advanced maintenance planning for timely & cost-effective intervention before faults occur. 

Condition Monitoring (without protection)

Condition Monitoring (without protection)

These Condition Monitoring systems allow you to perform long-term monitoring of your assets' health, enabling planning for timely & cost-effective intervention, before faults occur. Bently Nevada offers a comprehensive suite of Condition Monitoring hardware systems paired with the industry's most innovative Condition Monitoring software, System 1.

See our Entire Line-up of Condition Monitoring Systems

Rack-Based Systems

Rack Monitoring Systems

These are centralized systems, in which sensor wiring is routed back to a modular monitoring system mounted in a control room or cabinet. Bently Nevada has two separate choices in our rack monitoring system types, the industry-proven and tested 3500, and the soon-to-be-released Orbit 60 - the future of machinery monitoring.


3500 -  Monitoring and Machinery Protection System 

Orbit 60 - Next Generation Rack-Based or Distributed Machine Protection and Condition Monitoring System

Distributed Systems

Distributed I/O Systems

Distributed systems are designed to be mounted close to the machine they are monitoring thereby reducing costly field wiring. They then use networks to bring data in from multiple devices for central monitoring. The comprehensive Bently Nevada range of distributed systems covers the spectrum from high performance protection systems to cost effective wireless condition monitoring solutions.

See all of our Distributed I/O Systems for Machine Condition Monitoring and Protection


Wireless Condition Monitoring Systems

Bently Nevada's Ranger Pro wireless system allows users to collect exceptional condition monitoring data from even hard-to-reach machines or hazardous areas, without the need for expensive field wiring. The data quality is so good that diagnosis can generally be made directly, without the need for portables to acquire additional data.

Ranger ProWireless Condition Monitoring System (with Triaxial Sensors)

Portable Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems

Portable Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems

Our extensive family of portable data collectors and analyzers allow you to take our powerful diagnostic capabilities to all assets in your plant. Their advanced processing typically allows existing faults to be diagnosed quickly, or even detected months before intervention is required. And all this at a cost-per-asset that no other technology can compete with.

Learn how our Portable Vibration Monitoring Systems and Equipment give you more options for asset condition monitoring.



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