For industrial computed tomography (CT) in foundries, mainly systems based on the principle of fan beam or cone beam tomography are offered. Only Waygate Technologies (Ahrensburg) offers with its speed|scan CT 64 scanner a fast tomograph for the inspection of large light metal castings, which is based on the principle of medical helical CT: It is not necessary to fix the part to be tested on a turntable and to rotate it in the X-ray beam, but it is simply placed on a moving out sample stage. 

The CT gantry with its X-ray tube and multi-line detector then rotates around it like in a hospital and scans the part within a few seconds. By simply placing any part on the sample stage and starting the associated test program, practically no set-up effort is required. This allows a wide range of different types of components to be tested flexibly and with high throughput. The special advantage of the fast fan beam helixCT is not only the short scan time, but also the high-quality results, which are particularly low in scatter radiation artifacts. This provides the operator with high-contrast 3D results in a very short time, enabling him to reliably assess the component.

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2018年より、BMWグループのランツフート工場(ドイツ)にてspeed|scan CT 64がアルミ鋳造品検査(シリンダヘッド、クランクケース、シャシーなど)を目的として稼働しております。