First Seifert X-ray installation 1896

At the end of 1892, Richard Seifert started a company for electric light and power systems in Hamburg, Germany. The moment of enlightenment came 3 years later when Conrad Wilhelm Röntgen discovered the X-rays. Just a few months after Röntgen's publication, Seifert was the first to build a X-ray machine in Northern Germany in early 1896, almost simultaneously with the American inventor and founder of the General Electric Company, Thomas A. Edison.

Since then the Ahrensburg-based company has continued to set new standards in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) by unveiling innovations at regular intervals. After a century of using X-ray films, the company continues to play a leading technological role in the increasing level of digitisation and the trend towards 3D inspections by using industrial computed tomography (CT). A milestone was reached in the 1970ies, when the company developed the first fully automatic X-ray system in the world for testing aluminium wheels, steering housings or car engine blocks. Seifert engineers again hit the headlines in the NDT industry with launching worlds only fast serial helix CT scanner speed|scan which is based on a fast rotating helix CT setup as used in hospitals. Now, this technology is also available for harsh industrial environments for high speed three-dimensional computed tomography inspections of large castings like cylinder heads being scanned within just 15 seconds. This innovation was one of the key reasons for Frost & Sullivan to award GE Inspection Technologies as the 2016 Industrial CT Company of the Year.

In 2001 the owner family sold the Seifert business to the Belgian Agfa NDT company, a global market leader in industrial X-ray films for non-destructive inspection equipment. In 2004, Agfa NDT itself was acquired by GE Inspection Technologies, now part of Baker Hughes, a GE Company. Since then, Seifert's mobile radiography as well as its x|plore production CT line products have made it one of the strongest technology business units within the Inspection Technologies business.






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