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Krautkrämer Ultrasonic Probes and Transducers
From the leader in ultrasonic inspections

Ultrasonic Probes and Transducers

Reliable probes for any application

Improve asset reliability, reduce downtime, and cut maintenance costs with more precise, more efficient inspections. Our easy-to-use portable ultrasonic probes and transducers are built to last, no matter the application or environment.

With hundreds of standard options for aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, transportation, and more, you’re bound to find the right probes and transducers for you.

Shop probes and transducers for any ultrasonic inspection

Straight Beam Probes

Our single element straight beam contact probes use longitudinal waves at various frequencies and element diameters for flaw detection and sizing in metallic and non-metallic materials.  Built to last in a variety of applications, these probes feature a replaceable membrane for easier coupling on uneven or curved surfaces, or an abrasion-resistant wear plate. They are the ideal option for:

  • Forgings, billets
  • Plates, bars, square profiles
  • Containers, machine components, shells
  • Inspection at high temperature with delay line




Angle Beam Probes

Our powerful and versatile angle beam probes offer maximum precision and repeatability for detecting and evaluating inclusions and perpendicular or oblique surface defects in composite and cast structures across many applications.

Ideal for weld inspections, these ergonomically-designed probes are durable and easy to use with integrated or replaceable wedges, curved probe faces, Lemo and Microdot connectors, and quick-change and screw-mounted styles available.

Custom wedges and curvatures available upon request.


Thickness Probes

Our broad selection of dual element transducers are as precise as they are easy to use. Designed for a variety of wall thickness measurements on many types of materials on the production line and in the field, they are best suited for:

  • General flaw detection
  • Thickness gauging
  • Irregular or pitted surfaces


Immersion Probes

Optimized for water scan tests and geometrically-focused for the highest quality resolution, our waterproofed immersion probes are ideally suited for applications such as:

  • Critical applications to improve near surface resolution or sensitivity to small discontinuities
  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Small flaw testing in welded joints, cracks, and cavities
  • Pores in high quality castings
  • Cracks in fitting made of brass or bronze


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We’re making portable ultrasonic inspections simpler than ever without compromising accuracy, so you can get your assets back online faster. Our rugged and easy-to-use instruments are built for your needs, today and tomorrow. See how.

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