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The Customer Solutions Center (CSC) in Ratby showcases Waygate Technologies' radiographic X-ray solutions including advanced computed tomography (CT) equipment, the advanced computed radiography scanner CRxVision, portable digital detector arrays, and the x|cube compact 225 for radioscopic casting inspection. The new centre is permanently staffed by applications engineers, who are experts in the various inspection technologies and can provide advice and help in their application.

The Inspection Technology highlight of the new centre is the phoenix v|tome|x m 300, a compact computed tomography (CT) system for scientific research applications, as well as 3D metrology and failure analysis for industrial process control. The v|tome|x m 300 provides detail detectability down to < 1 micron and can be used with high density samples up to 50 kg at 300 kV. It features Waygate Technologies' extremely high dynamic DXR digital detector array and click&measure|CT fully automated data acquisition and volume processing for fast, easy and productive scanning and reliable CT evaluations. The v|tome|x m 300 is just one example from the range of computed tomography systems available from Waygate Technologies.

The x|cube compact 225 is a versatile X-ray system, offering real-time 2D inspection, with the option of 3D computed tomography. It is particularly suitable for the inspection of safety-relevant castings in the aerospace and automotive sectors but can be applied wherever there is a need for fast and effective radiography of castings, composite structures, plastics, ceramics and special alloys. As with CRxVision, x|cube can be supplied with Waygate Technologies' Flash!Filters™ proprietary image optimization technology to assist failure detection and increase productivity. CRxVision is GE’s versatile, table-top computed radiography solution, designed specifically for weld inspection but suitable for a wide range of tasks in aerospace, power generation and general NDT. It offers all the benefits of computed radiography and the wide dynamic range of its imaging plates significantly reduces the need for retakes.

The Technology Solutions Center also houses field-proven, ultrasonic, eddy current and remote visual inspection hardware for application consultation or rental. 

GE Customer Solutions Center Ratby
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