Innovative X-ray target for microfocus X-ray sources

High-flux|target for up to 2 times faster microCT scans or doubled resolution

Today, throughput-optimized high-power CT scans require larger focal spots to prevent target material from melting. But the larger that focal spot becomes, the lower the image quality, and the precision.

As part of Waygate Technologies CT innovations bundle combined with scatter|correct and latest dynamic 41 detector technology, the new Waygate proprietary high-flux|target makes CT scanning more efficient to allow even robot based fully automated high productivity mass CT inspection on the production floor, e.g. in casting industry or additive manufacturing. Due to its high thermal conductivity properties based on material properties instead of complex rotating anode technology, the new target allows higher power on a smaller focal spot. So users can maintain high image quality and scan much faster, or with improved accuracy: up to 2x throughput at same resolution or up to 2x higher resolution without throughput impact

The new high-flux|target technology is not only an option for new phoenix x-ray and CT systems, but also as retrofit package for existing systems without any negative impact on geometric magnification properties of the X-ray source.

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