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Fast and consistent digital imaging

Our digital X-ray inspection solutions, including high-resolution scanners and wireless detectors, enable more accurate inspections and higher throughput while reducing costs and impact on the environment.

As an industry-leading provider of digital X-ray solutions for over 20 years, our proprietary technologies are used for a wide range of industrial applications: aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, automotive, art. From turbine blades to corrosion and weld applications, conduct more inspections in less time, reduce equipment and repair costs, and improve productivity.

Selecting the right imaging hardware has a major impact on image quality – but the software you choose is just as important!

When using our industry standard Rhythm software in combination with Flash!, you get exquisite image quality and comfortable reading, with a faster, smoother workflow that enhances your productivity, maximizes your resources and gives your customers peace of mind.

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