Hand-held encoded scanner with manual indexing

Corrosion Mapping with Single-Axis Scanner

Customer Need

Single line scans are frequently stitched together to create corrosion maps. This may happen because a two-axis scanner is unavailable or sufficient space does not exist to properly attach the larger scanner to the asset. Often, this stitching exercise is a cumbersome process that may delay delivery of the final report. The possibility of error is also increased by using an offline stitching process.


Inspection of assets subject to internal corrosion and erosive wall loss such as piping, storage tanks, and other critical assets; requiring mapping and visual display of remaining wall thickness. Hand-held encoded scanner with manual indexing for efficient corrosion inspections.

Customer Solution

By utilizing the workflow guided concept of BHGE's Mentor UT, technician set-up time can be minimized--enabling asset owners to consistently receive corrosion maps time and time again.

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