Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux

Full Body Inspection of Metal Bars with premium USIP | xs electronics and software

Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux - Metal Bar Testing Machine

The Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux Series is the most compact full-body inspection solution for inspecting metal bars available in the market.
The system is designed to meet today’s plant and end-customer quality standards and comply with all the required ultrasonic testing safety codes.Due to the compact dimensions of the mechanics, the ROWA™ Ux system can be seamlessly integrated into an existing inspection line or installed offline in a rolling mill manufacturing process for quality assurance purposes.
Thanks to the automatic calibration and system checks with the reference standard manipulator RSM, you can achieve maximum calibration repeatability without user intervention.
The Krautkrämer ROWA™ Ux meets ISO 18563, AMS2154 class AA, NADCAP, and all major automotive and aerospace industrial standards.

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