Proactively prevent equipment failure using best in class borescope inspection cameras

Complex industrial equipment requires powerful and reliable remote borescope inspection tools to help identify serious equipment failures – before they occur.

Through remote visual inspection (RVI) inspectors can efficiently protect valuable assets and mitigate risk by reducing expensive downtime across industries such as aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, automotive, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The right video borescope tools overcome the toughest inspection challenges including pumps, motors, generators, pulp and paper rollers, gear boxes, pipes, tubes, purity pipes, compressors, large pistons, chillers, valves, gun barrels, mortar tubes, Homeland Security, and maritime surveying.

Modern advances in technology have yielded nimble inspections tools which feature:

→ TrueSight™ HD imaging
→ Advanced Real3D™measurement systems with fully surfaced point cloud
→ MDI (menu-direct inspection) for smart data tagging and report generation
→ Remote control and  turning tool integration for engine inspections
→ Rugged industrial design and lightweight ease of use

All of this adds up to more complete asset protection via hyper-accurate visual detection and detailed indication assessments without putting equipment or personnel at risk.

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