Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Rugged PTZ cameras for the toughest environments

Inspect with the most durable visual tools on the market. We offer a full range of rugged, industrial Ca-Zoom® PTZ cameras for remote use in large areas. They feature three interchangeable zoom camera head diameters with high-intensity lighting, pan-and-tilt mechanisms, and industrial waterproof packaging for protection in extreme environments. 

Ca-Zoom® Digital PTZ Industrial Inspection Cameras

Waygate Technologies', formerly known as GE Inspection Technologies, Ca-Zoom® line of PTZ cameras is ideal for inspecting large areas such as tanks and vessels, pipelines or nuclear power installations while avoiding manned access. Rugged and durable Ca-Zoom PTZ cameras put image management in the palm of your hand with interchangeable camera heads in three different diameters, advanced camera setup, high-powered lighting, integrated image capture, and full-motion video recording, up to 36x optical and 12x digital zoom, on-board file manager, annotation and comparison measurement.

The Ca-Zoom PTZ 140 incorporates a 36x optical with a 12x digital for a 432x total zoom capability. Additionally, the Ca-Zoom PTZ 140 camera is equipped with two high-power 35-watt lights offered with wide and narrow beam spreads.

Bring your productivity to new levels with our Ca-Zoom® PTZ line, PTZ Camera Control Unit controllers, and FAST RVI for full-motion video capture and full confidence. 

Learn more about the FAST RVI Robotic Crawler from Waygate Technologies Inspection Robotics

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Pan Tilt Zoom Digital Inspection Cameras