Industrial Radiography and Computed Tomography (CT)
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Radiography and Computed Tomography (CT)

Industrial radiography and computed tomography (CT) is not only reliable and accurate, but its applications are rapidly growing, too. With its ability to quickly reveal changes in thickness, internal and external defects, assembly details, and other components that are otherwise invisible, it has become an indispensable tool for the most demanding industries and environments.

At Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, we are breaking down the barriers that have limited the use of this powerful technology. We’re bringing CT inspections to places like the production floor so you can integrate it into your manufacturing process to save time and money and reduce mistakes. Today, we offer the widest range of radiography and CT solutions available to meet every inspection challenge. From conventional film radiography equipment to 3D computed tomography, metrology, and X-ray systems, we bring unmatched speed, accuracy, and precision to the aerospace, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries.

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High precision, high throughput X-ray CT solutions

Redefining Automation for Industrial Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) Applications

Industrial environments consist of multiple processes that must interact with humans and automation. Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) is a crucial component to the overall success of many of the industrial inspection routines. Waygate Technologies, Aviation – Asheville, and Capriol have worked collaboratively together to bring this technology into reality. Along with Mobile Machine Tending (MMT) and collaborative robots, this allows for a much more productive environment to meet customer demand. A world class example of pushing the limits of lean manufacturing.

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