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Unreliable assets have enormous consequences. What if your assets could consistently operate at or above their rated capacities, for a greater percentage of total hours each year, all while spending less money on maintenance? That’s exactly what today’s best companies have discovered how to do. Industry studies show that the average facility spends approximately 5% of its Replacement Asset Value (RAV) on maintenance each year. In comparison, best performers spend 60% less—just 2% of RAV—while enjoying better uptime, efficiency, and profitability.

Closing the gap between your reliability “goals” and what you are actually obtaining from your efforts typically involves creating a solution that addresses your processes, tools and peoples. We can help you address all three of these areas with a solution tailor made for your business.

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Protection and Condition Monitoring for Sugar Production

With 60+ years of Bently Nevada condition monitoring expertise, gained from having more than six million permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels.