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A steel production operation’s reliance upon its machinery has never been more important. Downtime is more expensive. Uptime is more valuable. Operators need to know if they can push machinery to its design capacity and beyond while remaining safe and maximizing the balance between useful life and capacity. And, as always, operators need to remain safe—for their families, for their communities, and for the environment. 

Our product lines can help make the difference in you meeting your business goals for safety, reliability and productivity through a condition monitoring program custom made for your KPIs. 

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Our products can be found in many of the steel and metal production facilities globally, often supplied as standard by the OEM on highly critical equipment such as motors, pumps, mill stands, cooling tower fans and power production assets.

We combine the highest quality products and responsive customer support with a service team that takes the time to understand the uniqueness of your plant, your personnel, and your goals.

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Steel and Metal condition monitoring

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Protection and Condition Monitoring for Steel and Metals Production

With 60+ years of Bently Nevada condition monitoring expertise, gained from having more than six million permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels.